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MAHLE's generation of high voltage PTC heaters can boost cruising range in winter

Heating is an energy drain, especially when energy is being used to heat the cabin of an electric vehicle during winter. The heating can take a considerable toll on a vehicle's available cruising range. With a new generation of high voltage PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heating elements, MAHLE believes it can help electric vehicle manufacturers improve their product performance during the winter. An innovative method of integrating electronics makes these heating elements more compact, lighter, and cheaper. With a heat pump, cruising ranges can be extended by up to 20 per cent and more when temperatures are around freezing. "Our heating systems make electric vehicles more comfortable and help to extend their cruising range—an important issue, especially in winter," says Dr. Jörg Stratmann,

Chairman of the MAHLE Management Board and CEO. "By consistently pursuing the ongoing development of our portfolio aimed at temperature control in the cabin, MAHLE is making e-mobility more attractive." Electric heaters are an indispensable heat source for heating the cabins of electric vehicles over long periods. MAHLE's innovation does away with temperature sensors and instead uses an intelligent system of hardware and software, which incorporates the heating elements and integrates all of the functions. The built-in electronics continuously analyze the PTC elements' electrical resistance in the heater and thus know and can adjust their temperature.

PTC heaters from MAHLE are already fitted in many vehicles worldwide today. With this further development, MAHLE is now specifically focusing on the growing fleet of electric vehicles. The company also offers complete systems, which, with the combination of a heat pump and an electric auxiliary heater, provide the maximum possible comfort together with a high cruising range.

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