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J.A. King

J.A. King has extensive capability with destructive and non-destructive testing services which include; materials testing, environmental testing, product testing, speciality testing and more. The team at our ISO 17025 accredited testing facility in Greenville, SC has years of experience working with companies within industries such as automotive, aerospace, consumer products, and pharmaceutical. Years of experience operating within highly regulated industries such as these have gained our expert's tremendous knowledge of regulatory standards to help ensure your process is in compliance.

Testing services:

sunlight simulation at, J.A. King’s testing laboratories

- Airbag System Deployment Testing

- Occupancy Detection Testing

- Airbag Disposal

- Environmental Testing

- Sun Simulation Testing

- Salt Spray Testing and Analysis

- Thermal Shock Testing

- Xenon Arc Testing

- Tensile and Compressive Force Testing

- Vibration Testing and Analysis

- Fume Hood Testing

- Flammability Testing

- Materials Testing

- Coating Adhesion Testing

- Abrasion and Wear Testing

- Coating Thickness Analysis

- Odor Testing

- Paint Flow Testing

- Life Cycle Reliability Testing

- Custom Test Design

- Warranty Analysis

- Firearms Testing

- Color Analysis

- High-Speed Video Capture

- Surface Energy Analysis

- Vehicle Dynamics Evaluation


J.A. King



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