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Interview - Markus Fallböhmer - Commissioning at BMW Group Cell Manufacturing Competence Centre.

Step by step, the BMW Group Cell Manufacturing Competence Centre (CMCC) is gearing up to go on-stream. More than 80 employees will work at a facility extending roughly 15,000 square metres in just a few months. Due to the complex technology involved, battery cell production in Parsdorf will be commissioned in stages. Systems for electrode production are currently being installed and run in.

Markus Fallböhmer, Senior Vice President of Battery Production at the BMW Group, gave an interview on-site in Parsdorf:

Mr Fallböhmer, what exactly is happening at the CMCC in Parsdorf?

MF: We will be building the future of electromobility right here in Parsdorf. What we are doing here is shaping the industrial feasibility of future generations of high-performance battery cells. The CMCC will enable us to penetrate the whole cell value creation process. With this know-how, our experts, together with our suppliers, will be able to further optimise battery cell production, with regard to quality, output and costs.

But there won’t be standard production of battery cells in Parsdorf, right? Why is that?

MF: Our strategy of ruling out large-scale standard production of battery cells in-house has worked well so far. Thanks to our Competence Centres in Munich and Parsdorf, we have extensive know-how in both the technology and production processes. This means we can bring the optimal battery cell technology for our customers to series maturity in the shortest time possible and enable suppliers to produce battery cells to our own specifications.

Battery cell production is also linked with environmental-protection challenges. How are you responding to that?

MF: Protecting the environment is a top priority for us. An immission control approval procedure has been carried out for the technical installations used in battery cell production – and we meet all requirements and specifications. The CMCC will also operate fossil-free, relying on electricity produced using renewable energy, including from photovoltaic systems on the roof of the building. The facility will also be supplied with regenerative heat produced using state-of-the-art groundwater and air heat pumps.

What are the long-term plans for battery cells at the Parsdorf location?

MF: We are constantly working to refine energy storage systems. The CMCC will play a central role in this. We are currently pushing forward with development of so-called all-solid-state batteries. This is a completely new battery technology that offers even higher energy density. The BMW Group’s long-term goal is to use fully recyclable battery cells.

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