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imc DataWorks, LLC

imc Test & Measurement GmbH

imc Test & Measurement GmbH is a manufacturer and solution provider of productive test and measurement systems. Together with its customers from the fields of automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, railway, aerospace and energy, imc implements metrological solutions for research, development, service and production. Every day, customers use imc measurement devices, software solutions and test stands to validate prototypes, optimize products, monitor processes and gain insights from measurement data. imc consistently pursues its claim of providing services for “productive testing”. The company offers its customers top technological performance

throughout the entire measurement chain.

The "imc group" and the imc Partner Network

In Germany, the company, founded in 1988 in Berlin, employs around 250 people at three locations. Together with other companies, imc forms the “imc group”. These include the international headquarters in France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the USA and China, as well as the German sensor and telemetry specialist CAEMAX Technologie GmbH. A strategic partnership also connects imc with the telemetry specialist KMT Krauss Messtechnik GmbH.

imc DataWorks, LLC is a full-service extension of imc into the North American market. Based in Ann Arbor, MI, imc DataWorks continues to offer system configuration, application development, and hardware calibration and repair services for the imc product line and has done so since 2002.

imc CRONOSflex

With the imc CRONOSflex, we offer a modular system, which gives you an unprecedented degree of flexibility in the setup of your data acquisition system. The system requires no rack or frame. Both base unit and the measurement modules (amplifiers or conditioners) have independent housings: by a robust "Click Mechanism", they can easily be either connected directly to one another or alternatively spatially distributed over a standard network cable. A distance up to 100m between individual modules is possible.

The imc CRONOSflex covers the entire frequency range of physical test and measurement requirements by providing up to 2 MSamples/s with channel rates up to 100 kSamples/s. Measurement modules are available for every common type of signal and sensor. Experience the flexibility of a modular, spatially distributable data acquisition system.

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Development Test Stands for Electric Motors

Development test stands from imc are characterized by high flexibility in electric motor trials. A comprehensive variety of motor types can be tested, and a complete range of tests carried out. The mechanical configuration consists of a test bed with a load machine and a torque measuring shaft. The load machine and torque sensor shaft are mounted on a linear guide and precisely aligned axially by means of laser. It can be moved towards the test object on ball bearings, as a complete unit. Especially timesaving: no need to realign the load machine assembly when changing the torque sensor.

Configuration with an active drive machine (depending on the testing task: PMSM synchronous motor or asynchronous machine) as load unit, increases the possibilities for testing:

- Determining electromotive force (EMF), also known as back EMF

- Cogging torque measurement for creeping speed of 0.5 ... 10 RPM

- Towing the test object and compensate to a 0 Nm torque range

- Determining the torque ripple at defined RPMs

- Dynamic loading of the test object and effect of disturbance quantities on test object

The configuration of a passive brake (eddy current brake, magnetic particle brake, etc.) is also possible which is useful for special applications, such as acoustic measurements or very high RPMs.

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Digital Telemetry Solutions

For measurements on rotating components and moving machinery, imc offers modern telemetry systems for a wide variety of tasks: whether single-channel torque monitoring of a rotating shaft, multi-channel strain gauge and temperature measurements on a train wheel-set or non-contact power measurement on a vehicle drivetrain in harsh environments. There are transmission electronics available for a large variety of sensors, such as strain gauge (quarter-, half- and full-bridge), thermocouples, PT100/1000, as well as IEPE sensors and voltage signals.

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Contact Details:

imc DataWorks, LLC

525 Avis Drive, Suite 14

Ann Arbor,

MI 48108 USA

Phone: +1 (248)356 4311



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