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HERE HD Live Map Powers Hands-Free Driving and Routing Functionalities in BMW 7 Series.

BMW Group utilises the HERE HD Live Map, HERE’s high-definition map to enable hands-free driving in the United States and Canada. HERE is one of the world’s first companies to provide high-definition maps for Level 2+ automated driving capabilities in series production vehicles. This results from a long-standing collaboration between BMW and HERE on next-generation mapping capabilities.

The BMW Group first introduced hands-free driving at a maximum speed of 85 mph/130 km/h in 2018. Now, the all-new BMW 7 Series is the premium automaker’s first production vehicle to launch with SAE Level 2+ automated functionalities at a maximum speed of 85 mph/130 km/h. With the HERE HD Live Map on board, this function enables hands-free driving on interstates and highways, provided drivers remain focused and ready to take control. Additionally, the HERE platform includes functionality for the vehicle’s navigation system to display in real-time, where the SAE Level 2+ function can be activated safely. Over time, the HERE HD Live Map will be integrated into additional BMW models as automated driving capabilities increase across vehicles, roadways and regions.

“A digital HD map is essential for highly automated driving. HERE HD Live Map is rich and reliable: it provides road geometry, route profile and traffic signs – all on a global scale,” said Dr. Nicolai Martin, Senior Vice President Driving Experience at BMW Group. “We have been working with HERE for many years to bring highly automated driving to market, and we are now thrilled to see the result of our collaboration finally come to life. Together, we are going one step further in delivering on our promise to provide a superior driving experience to our customers.”

“We’re delighted to see our HERE HD Live Map enable automated driving at Level 2+ for BMW series production vehicles. This collaboration demonstrates the value of maps for highly automated driving. We look forward to supporting the expansion of Level 2+ to all types of roads,” said Fred Hessabi, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at HERE Technologies.

The HERE HD Live Map consists of rich, highly accurate and fresh layers of data to support the vehicle in knowing exactly where it is on the road and what road features lie ahead. The lane-level data serves as a redundant source of information to the onboard sensors, providing additional quality assurance for the system. HERE HD Live Map helps a vehicle proactively adjust its behaviour to upcoming road characteristics.

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