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HEAD Acoustics Releases an Intuitive Structural Analysis Software Package

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

HEAD acoustics launches release 12.5 of the ArtemiS SUITE software for sound and vibration analysis. The integrated modal analysis tool, allows users to troubleshoot, simulate and project engineers can use all relevant analyses related to structural-dynamic issues directly in one interactive software environment. In addition to efficiently performing modal and operational deflection shape analyses (ODS), ArtemiS SUITE enables users to animate vibration shapes and compare numerical simulation data with real measured data (Shape Comparison).

"The analysis of vibration shapes not only provides information on the sources and transmission paths of acoustic phenomena and noise. It additionally makes possible to identify and eliminate structural weak points, to improve durability, for example," explains Dr. Aulis Telle, Managing Director Sound, Vibration and Perception at HEAD acoustics GmbH. "Structural analysis must therefore be incorporated into any development process as early as possible - in an early phase based on simulation models and later on for verification with the prototype."

The structural analysis package bundles four user-friendly tools

The core of the new software solution are vivid representations in the form of a powerful 3D visualization. It can be used to analyze the dynamic behaviour of components quickly and, above all, plastically. Transfer functions can be animated and compared with measurements and simulation data in 3D oscillating shapes in the Shape Comparison Tool. An integrated and universally applicable measuring point library makes data acquisition particularly time-saving and economical. The examination of ODS or impact measurement data in the interactive software environment is easy and intuitive.

"During development, we placed particular focus on usability as well as the accessible calculation and analysis processes in ArtemiS SUITE," explains Dr Udo Ammerahl, Product Manager Structural Analysis at HEAD acoustics. "The result is a tool that allows complex analyses to be completed without much prior knowledge. Troubleshooters and simulation engineers, in particular, become independent of other specialist departments in their daily work and reach their goals more quickly."

Please click to find out more about structural analysis by HEAD acoustics.

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