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HEAD Acoustics Joins Forces with BlackBerry to Revolutionize Sound Design Workflow for Automakers.

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

HEAD acoustics announced it has teamed up with BlackBerry QNX to significantly improve the sound design workflow for automakers by integrating BlackBerry® QNX® Active Sound Design software (QNX ASD) with PreSense, the company’s Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) simulator.

“Engineers experience the same NVH performance in PreSense as if they drive a real car. We extend the application range with our partner BlackBerry QNX to tune Active Sound Design in our simulator. A great sound design can add tremendous character and emotion to the experience of an electric vehicle, providing acoustic feedback and can even mask unpleasant sounds. The integration of QNX ASD in PreSense enables a fast and efficient, creative workflow for designing the right sound, especially in the context of virtual prototyping,”

said Bernd Philippen, Product Manager at HEAD acoustics.

BlackBerry QNX ASD is a comprehensive vehicle sound solution that allows designers to create the next generation of dynamic automotive sound designs with an unrivalled interactive workflow right in the realistic vehicle soundscape context. The QNX sound design tool LiveAMP is combined with a run-time library embedded in the PreSense platform, implementing all the sound synthesis, engine order enhancement and other sound design features. Acoustic engineers can design sounds interactively on the desktop and then deploy directly in a simple one-step process to automotive embedded systems with the complete confidence that their intended results will be realized in production. The integration with HEAD acoustics NVH Simulator PreSense adds another level of capability that allows designers to work interactively with the physical driving sound of the target vehicle to experience their designs in a highly realistic way by literally driving their virtual prototype.

“The integration of QNX ASD with HEAD acoustics PreSense is a huge step forward in automotive sound design. The design and deployment workflow enabled by this integration is orders of magnitude faster than previous approaches. Designing sounds within the context of the full vehicle sound field allows the impact of design choices to be auditioned and evaluated instantly and interactively”, said Len Layton, Acoustics Business Development Manager, BlackBerry QNX.

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