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Fisker and Racing driver Abbie Eaton Developing Electric Vehicle Performance Dynamics

Fisker Inc are joining forces with Abbie Eaton a renowned racing driver. she is one of 18 drivers competing in the 2021 W Series Championship. Abbie will work closely with Fisker’s engineering and product development team, focusing on chassis and vehicle dynamics on the Fisker Ocean SUV program and other vehicles to follow.

“We set ambitious performance targets for the Fisker Ocean,” said Fisker Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Henrik Fisker. “Abbie provides a racing driver’s perspective on vehicle dynamics, ensuring the development of fun-to-drive, exciting characteristics that will be a signature for all Fisker products.”

Abbie brings her experience as a test driver for The Grand Tour show to Fisker, along with her credentials as a race driver, certified instructor and precision driver. She’ll join other women at Fisker in high-visibility senior roles, perfecting the Fisker Ocean SUV and eventually three more vehicles for the diverse and ever-expanding global electric vehicle market.

“Whether for racing or the road, setting up a vehicle is both art and science,” said Abbie Eaton. “I’ve already had a taste of how an electric vehicle handles on the track, and I’m looking forward to working with the Fisker engineering team on the Ocean and how we can take dynamic advantage of that low centre of gravity and on-demand torque.”

Throughout 2021, Fisker will build a series of test and validation prototypes for the Ocean program. Each repetition adds more production-intent subsystems, starting with suspension/chassis, adding electrical – then powertrain. Additionally, a full set of virtual prototypes to validate crash, occupant protection and pedestrian protection targets are currently under development to deliver five-star performance in all categories. The company plans to have the first full-vehicle prototypes built by the end of Q4 2021.

“There seems to be a fear amongst driving enthusiasts that electric vehicles are only good for straight-line acceleration,” added Mr. Fisker. “We’ve set out to disrupt every place we see an opportunity for improvement. Having Abbie alongside us as we develop electric vehicles driving enthusiasts will love is one more disruption we are excited to create.”

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