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FEV Turkey Opens New Office in Izmir.

FEV Turkey has opened a new office in Teknopark Izmir on the Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) campus. FEV Turkey is a globally-acting FEV Group subsidiary and started its operations in 2011. The company today employs a team of 400 experts with campuses in Istanbul, Kocaeli, Ankara and now Izmir.

FEV Turkey has formed collaborations with multiple universities since its establishment and has been awarded twice for university-industry cooperation. The company announced a new partnership with Teknopark Izmir and IZTECH. In addition, FEV Turkey was featured in “The Best Workplaces 2022” list published by the Great Place to Work Institute – one of the world’s most prestigious human resources organizations.

As an innovative engineering service provider in vehicle and software development, automated and autonomous driving, and conventional and electrified propulsion systems, FEV Turkey generates 75 percent of its revenue through orders from global customers outside the country. The company has all of its offices successfully located in technoparks and is now contributing to the innovative technology development of the Aegean region.

“We are happy to be closer to our partners in the Aegean region. This significantly advances our mission of providing the best service for both our customers and co-workers,” said Dr. Taner Göçmez, Managing Director of FEV Turkey. “Our purpose is to contribute to the country’s rich engineering and innovation culture by developing safer and more sustainable mobility solutions. Within this framework, the ‘Mobility Systems Engineering and Management’ program we created will be the first of many steps of our Mobility Excellence Center.”

“We are extremely pleased that FEV Turkey has chosen Teknopark Izmir as their Aegean Region office location. FEV Turkey is sure to contribute greatly to our technological wealth,” said Prof. Metin Tanoğlu, General Manager, Teknopark Izmir. “With the growth of Teknopark Izmir, our region will continue to become more attractive to outside investment as a base camp that produces and exports high technology products,” said Prof. Yusuf Baran, IZTECH President and Teknopark Izmir’s Chairman of the Executive Board.

During the office’s opening ceremony, the “Leading and Innovative Mobility Certificate Program”, a collaboration of FEV Turkey, Teknopark Izmir and IZTECH was announced. The six weeks program started on 4 July. Students who wished to take their automotive engineering skills to the next level, as well as academics and engineers already working in the industry, could apply for the program until the end of May 2022.

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