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FEV France selected as part of the "FRANCE RELANCE" plan, and news of new test facility.

FEV France is one of the eight winners of the automotive sector selected as part of the "France Relance" plan. This €100 billion plan aims to support investments of leading companies through dedicated funds to drive the transformation of the automotive and aerospace sectors. The program seeks to preserve know-how and skills around ecology. As part of this plan, FEV developed an investment project in test bench equipment, enabling the company to pursue its activities regarding the electrification of the mobility sector and adjacent markets.

The transformation of the automotive sector towards zero CO2

mobility is recognized as one of the main challenges in the industry and includes the electrification of future vehicles. FEV France With more than 750 employees in France, has more than eight years of experience in high-voltage battery testing for BEVs and has been ISO14001 certified.

"Already in 2019, we had invested in a new building at our technical centre and head office in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, to increase our battery testing capacity", said Nadim Andraos, Executive Vice President for FEV in France, Spain and North Africa. "To be able to address today's ever-growing demand in the area of high-voltage battery testing, FEV France's facilities will now be further expanded in the framework of the 'France Relance' plan. The total area of the battery testing facility will cover 600m²."

FEV France's new test facility will enable up to two battery packs to be tested simultaneously under extreme environmental conditions ranging from -40 to 70 °C and will complement the already existing climatic test facilities (-30 to 70 °C). Innovations of the new facility will include the possibility to interrupt a running test. This allows technicians to perform examinations or implement changes to the setup without completely shutting down the test.

FEV France will carry out electrical characterization tests on different battery pack charge levels. At the beginning of a development cycle, these functional tests help determine the pack's design and support the calibration of the battery management system (BMS). An identical procedure at the end of the development cycle is performed for validation purposes before the market launch.

The start-up for future customer projects is expected to be around mid-December 2021. It will include the possibility also to serve adjacent markets, which seek to electrify their powertrains.

Construction and operation of the new test facility will enable FEV to create around 15 workplaces in direct or indirect positions in France, covering technical, commercial and managerial tasks. The project will also involve various material suppliers and will, therefore, have a positive impact on employment for these subcontractors.

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