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Exro announces independent testing of Coil Driver™ technology conducted by AVL.

Exro Technologies Inc. announced the first independent third-party testing of its Coil Driver™ technology conducted by AVL. Exro says they partnered with AVL because of its deep knowledge of powertrain components and systems and its experience working with top automakers to ensure their systems meet design expectations and targets.

A series of tests were performed on an electric motor dynamometer (“dyno”) with the Coil Driver™ to demonstrate coil switching performance at various speeds and under different conditions. Coil switching refers to the switching of electric motor configurations while in operation to optimize speed and torque, similar to how a gearbox changes the gears for a combustion vehicle as it changes speed.

AVL’s testing demonstrated that the Coil Driverᵀᴹ successfully switches coil configurations while operating on an electric motor seamlessly. Exro is the first to perform coil switching through the electric motor controller, which is essential for scale and important in electric vehicles to reduce costs while improving performance. Furthermore, these results prove Exro has successfully combined two traditionally separate formats of power electronics, the series mode for low-speed torque and parallel mode for high-speed efficiency, for the first time. This means that the Coil Driver will deliver more performance out of the same motor with multiple torque profiles.

This successful third-party testing of Coil Driver technology enables the Company to accelerate commercialization and provides the validation customers need to integrate the technology into various applications at scale confidently.

“We are very proud of our CTO Eric Hustedt and his engineering team for accomplishing this breakthrough in power electronics and e-motor performance with the Coil Driver™,” said Sue Ozdemir, Chief Executive Officer of Exro. “By enlisting a prestigious organization such as AVL, we hope to show our commitment to go above and beyond in being fully transparent and prove that our technology performs as expected.”

The Company has provided a link to the full test report detailing the test procedure and results performed by AVL in October 2021 is available here:

AVL Test Report Coil Driver

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