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EV Technology Group to Open EV Centre of Excellence at Silverstone UK.

EV Technology Group Ltd. has entered into terms with MEPC Silverstone Park. The company has secured a 90,000 sq ft industrial lease at the historic motoring site. The new facility comprises EV Technology Group’s “EV Centre of Excellence” and has been constructed by MEPC, it is a part of MEPC’s latest 265,000 sq ft development at Silverstone Park.

This announcement follows the recent announcement of the proposed acquisition by EV Technology Group of Fablink Group Holdings Limited, a tier one contract manufacturer in the United Kingdom that operates seven manufacturing and assembly sites with over 750 employees. Fablink operates its ‘Streamline Automotive’ Division, which services the increasing demand in the U.K. for contract vehicle assembly services, especially in the electric vehicle sector. The new Silverstone facility will allow EV Technology Group and its subsidiaries to rapidly expand electric vehicle manufacturing and assembly capacity, supporting its vision of electrifying iconic brands.

As EV Technology Group looks to expand its house of brands, this state-of-the-art facility will be home to the Company’s electric vehicle engineering and development hub, whilst also providing world class facilities for Streamline Automotive for vehicle assembly and finishing.

Silverstone itself has a rich automotive history – hosting legendary motorsport events like Formula One. Beyond its history, the site presents an opportunity to take advantage of the large, skilled local labour pool within commuting distance of the site. Silverstone Park sees the development of many electric vehicle and technology-related businesses, increasing talent density and corporate linkages in the area. For example, the Silverstone Technology Cluster has been formed to support engineering, electronics and software companies in the region as they grow.

Wouter Witvoet, CEO and founder of EV Technology Group, said: “Silverstone has been the home to many iconic motoring stories – and our future electrifying iconic brands here will be part of its next chapter. The site’s location puts us in the heart of the booming UK EV industry, and will allow us to scale manufacture and assembly of electric brands such as the iconic MOKE”.

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