Environmental Testing – a brief overview.

For more than 55 years, Thermotron has provided environmental test equipment. Thermotron custom builds chambers to suit customers specific requests. This can include:

Secially-designed, non-condensing chambers for those parts that require long-term 85°C/85% RH testing, with the absence of condensation.

Some OEMs use the chamber to fit the front end of a vehicle inside a chamber to test safety restraints and airbags, and they request an option to open the front hatch to safely verify the reliability of a OEMs design in high-impact situations.

Environmental testing, for storm and salted roads with corrosion testing for units consistently exposed to winter driving, and the OEM can determine how their product will hold up against the elements in moisture test chambers.

In addition to the chambers, the company also offers vibration test equipment, which is used to evaluate the quality and durability of each item as it hits a bumpy road. The vibration test allows the user to test shock, sine, random, and more in pre-programmed profiles on the WinVCSII Controller, or the user can choose a repetitive vibration shock table to generate a multi-axis vibration test over a range of frequencies.

Battery test chambers are manufactured to reliably test battery cells and lithium-ion battery packs. Diverse battery test chamber sizes and configurations allow for a variety of battery types to be tested. Thermotron offers a variety of features to ensure the safety of the battery test chamber users while running tests; these features reduce the chance of an explosion and minimize the damaging effects of a spark-induced explosion.

Users can also check engines in different climatic scenarios, for example you can simulate the heat and humidity of South America to the less-dense, cooler air of the frigid, mountainous North. The SE-Series Environmental Chamber product line, which Thermotron claims is the most fully-featured climatic chamber available on the market. The use can choose either temperature-only or temperature-humidity configurations with diverse compressor size options, enhanced air baffle, the patented universal port, and other standard and optional features for superior performance.

Speaking of mountainous regions, altitude chambers combine temperature and altitude with optional humidity for simultaneous, reliable environmental testing. Thermotron’s altitude chamber allows users to control temperature and humidity while subjecting the product to various altitudes up to 100,000 feet, which would be suitable for Aerospace testing.

“Accelerated Stress Testing” expedite’s a product's life cycle and can give valuable insight to know when, where, and how it fails using temperature and repetitive shock vibration. Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) use temperature and vibration stresses to eliminate design problems, develop a robust product, and screen out early product failure issues. HALT/HASS determines product operating and destruct limits as stresses are applied to the product while it is functionally tested and continuously monitored for failures.

Thermotron manufactures a wide range of test equipment and solutions to improve product reliability including: environmental test chambers, accelerated stress test systems for HALT & HASS, continuity monitoring systems, thermal shock chambers, electrodynamic vibration test systems, electromigration test systems, combined environmental test facilities, environmental stress screening systems, altitude chambers, dust chambers and more. We are a technology leader and pioneer in the test equipment field. Each piece of Thermotron equipment features our own instrumentation specifically developed for programming, controlling, and monitoring the test equipment and the product under test. An intuitive graphical user interface makes the software easy to learn and use. Interconnectivity supports ease of access and sharing of data.