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Embraer, ANSYS and ESSS, accelerate time to market for next generation aircraft

The E190-E2 commercial jet is at the forefront of aviation. It became the only aircraft to receive the most important domestic and international certifications in the sector, in addition to having low fuel consumption compared to the competition and having the longest maintenance intervals between aircraft in the world.

Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica S.A (Embraer) is a holding company responsible for the manufacture of military, commercial, executive or agricultural aircraft. It is listed as the third largest manufacturer of jets in the world, currently it is the largest Brazilian company in terms of exports, in addition to having the largest number of orders for jets, which places it as the market leader in the 70 to 120 seat category.

Embraer used software simulation supplier ANSYS, a globally recognised leader in computer engineering simulation, in its latest commercial jet, the Brazilian company presented a revolutionary model from design to conception to the market.

The E190-E2 became the only aircraft to receive simultaneous certification by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), European Aviation Agency (EASA) and Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC). The company achieved complex flight performance goals in record time, confidently bringing cutting edge aircraft to market faster than ever.

Embraer built the flight control system for the E190-E2 aircraft using the ANSYS software to develop and simulate the embedded software and generate the embedded code used to control the primary flight control system. ANSYS solutions provide efficient and reliable code generation, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

"Embraer trusts ANSYS to achieve fast and accurate software production," said Pedro Nunes, leader of Embraer's E190-E2 flight control software team. "ANSYS has been at the core of our software production tool chain for years and has been used successfully in several projects."

"Embraer has always been at the forefront of aviation, consistently delivering state-of-the-art aircraft that exceed expectations for performance and fuel efficiency. ANSYS technology facilitates the certification process and accelerates these innovative jets," said Eric Bantegnie, vice president and general manager of ANSYS systems business unit. "Among industries, from aviation to automotive, ANSYS solutions enable customers to qualify for increasingly stringent certifications more quickly - resulting in significant cost and time savings."

The most efficient single-aisle aircraft on the market, the E190-E2, is 17.3% more fuel efficient than the current generation E190. It is the most environmentally friendly aircraft in its class, with the lowest levels of external noise and emissions. The aircraft also has the longest maintenance intervals between single-aisle aircraft. Speed, economy and precision: the three pillars that make this aircraft a revolution in aviation.

In Brazil Ansys is represented by “Engineering Simulation and Scientific Software (ESSS)” who is a Brazilian multinational based in Florianópolis / SC. The company offers the market one of the most advanced Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tools in the area of ​​fluid dynamics, structural analysis, electromagnetism and multiphysics, as well as customization and software development according to the needs of each client. It is ANSYS Elite Channel Partner, qualification granted to few of the more than 90 ANSYS members.

The solutions offered by the company have a fundamental role in the projects of the most innovative companies in the world to provide radically better and more efficient products to its more than 500 customers in the most diverse segments of the industry. Over the years, ESSS has gained international prominence for offering the market complete solutions for mathematical modeling and computer simulation, expanding its operations to Central American countries, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, United States, Mexico and Peru.