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Eaton’s Vehicle Group Launches Electric Vehicle E-Drive Gearing

Eaton has announced its Vehicle Group is developing gearing solutions for electrified vehicles (EVs). Leveraging existing knowledge from producing transmissions and contract manufactured gear-sets for passenger and commercial vehicles, the Vehicle Group will design, develop, and supply EV reduction gearing. Automakers face many challenges when developing an electrified vehicle, such as optimising efficiency, weight, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), and dealing with packaging constraints.

Eaton says it can help manufacturers meet these challenges by applying its many years of experience and ​in-house capability to design, validate, and manufacture high-precision, high-quality gearing systems for transmissions and powertrains.

“We are partnering with OEM customers to leverage our expertise in simulation, design and manufacturing​ to optimise the efficiency, NVH and weight of high-precision gearing systems ​tailored to specific customer needs,”

said Anthony Cronin, director, EV gearing, Eaton’s Vehicle Group.

Whether a large-scale industrialisation project or a niche-market application, Eaton says it can partner with customers on joint-development programs or serve as a single service provider of EV reduction gearing components or systems. They say expertise in both design and manufacturing allows them to optimise solutions from a technical, commercial and production aspect, reducing the risk of multi-iteration design and enabling shortened development times.

Eaton says they use state-of-the-art tools and in-house solutions to design EV gearing solutions optimised for efficiency and reliability, with low noise and manufacturing costs. A full-system approach is essential when tailoring a design to a specific customer need, as several factors influence the ​development of gearing solutions. Chief among those factors are the gears, bearings and lubrication system. Eaton applies a series of in-house design and manufacturing techniques to optimise these three areas, including Gear root geometry optimisation, Micro and macro gear geometry modelling (to improve NVH, efficiency and reliability) thrust load and bearing loss minimisation.

Eaton says its engineers evaluate existing layouts or develop “clean-sheet” solutions that work within a customer’s packaging constraint. The Eaton team also provides solutions for scaling the EV gearing layout for platforms with multiple torque requirements. These benefits can be applied to both light-duty and commercial electrified vehicles.

“The development of EVs is pushing the boundaries of EV gearing. Reliable, efficient and quiet gearing systems are critical to high-speed motor adoption in electric drives​,” said Cronin.

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