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DENSO Has Begun Testing CO2 Circulation Plant at Anjo Electrification Innovation Center

DENSO Corporation has announced it has begun testing a CO2 circulation plant at its Anjo Plant's Electrification Innovation Center. The new plant is a demonstration facility designed to capture and recycle CO2, a capability that supports DENSO's more extensive efforts to eliminate CO2 emissions from its facilities.

DENSO, for years, has been committed to sustainability. It recently implemented growth strategies in its focus areas of "Green" and "Peace of Mind," which are critical parts of Reborn 21 – DENSO's internal plan to transition to a leaner and more robust corporate structure while responding flexibly to market changes since last year. In the "Green" domain of this plan, DENSO will accelerate its conventional efforts to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions, or carbon neutrality, by 2035.

To achieve the goal, DENSO will pursue carbon neutrality in three fields: manufacturing, mobility products and energy use.


The CO2 circulation plant* is designed to capture CO2 primarily generated by the plant and recycle it as an energy source for the facility and other uses. In the process, the plant synthesizes methane, which is made from CO2 emitted by gas-fueled equipment, and hydrogen, which is produced by renewable electricity, and reused as a source of energy.

This demonstration equipment consists of:

  • A dehydrator, which removes moisture contained in the emissions of equipment.

  • A CO2 collector, which takes advantage of DENSO's proprietary technology to purify automotive emissions.

  • A hydrogen generator, which produces hydrogen to be synthesized with captured CO2.

  • A methanation reactor, which uses CO2 and hydrogen to synthesize methane that is supplied to the equipment.

Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc. jointly developed the technology used in this project with Denso.

The CO2 circulation of the demonstration equipment will be applied to production facilities of DENSO and manufacturing sites in the world to achieve carbon neutrality.

DENSO will accelerate efforts toward achieving a carbon-neutral society by reducing CO2 emissions from products and plants and capturing and reusing CO2 in the atmosphere.

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