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Bosch Plans Acquisition of the MoTeC Group

Bosch plans to acquire the MoTeC Group, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. MoTeC offers a wide range of motorsports technology for the customer racing market. The company specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distributing motorsport technology for teams in numerous racing series and is well established in this market. Bosch and the MoTeC Group signed contracts for the planned acquisition in June 2022. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. The transaction is subject to approval by the merger control authorities.

In organizational terms, MoTeC will become an integral part of Bosch Motorsport, a business unit of Bosch Engineering GmbH, a 100% Bosch subsidiary based in Abstatt, Germany. Bosch Engineering offers customized development and consulting services in the automotive and motorsport sectors as an engineering service provider. With its wide range of motorsports technology, MoTeC’s portfolio includes vehicle and engine control units, displays, data loggers and onboard power supply control units for conventional and electrified racing series. The company serves its customers in Australia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, USA and Japan through a global network of around 250 dealers. With the acquisition of the MoTeC Group, Bosch Motorsport is extending its product portfolio and distribution to serve additional racing series and the future racer market. In addition, Bosch Motorsport is expanding its sales network and market presence primarily in the Asia-Pacific region, USA and the UK. “With the MoTeC Group’s many years of experience and comprehensive expertise, as well as its worldwide dealer network, we are strengthening our position in motorsports and ideally complementing our product portfolio,” says Dr. Klaus Boettcher, Vice President Bosch Motorsport.

The MoTeC Group employs 54 people worldwide between its headquarters and a sales and technical customer service office in Banbury (UK). The MoTeC Group’s business operations will continue as a separate legal entity, under its own brand.