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Battery Cooling System for Faster Charging of Electric Cars

The German supplier MAHLE, known for vehicle thermal management, has announced that it has developed a completely new cooling system for batteries. Cooling is a significant challenge for the industry, especially when fast charging battery-powered electric vehicles. The Stuttgart-based automotive supplier relies on immersion cooling as a key technology.

The company say better temperature distribution can be achieved when using an electrically nonconductive coolant that flows around the cells. As a result, the maximum temperature of the battery drops significantly during charging, and therefore overall temperature is distributed much more homogeneously. A major consumer benefit is that immersion cooling can shorten the charging times in electric cars considerably. In addition, MAHLE says reduced charging could mean using smaller batteries, making electric cars possibly cheaper and more resource-efficient. With this technology.

“Immersion cooling paves the way for a whole new generation of battery systems,” says Martin Berger, Vice President Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering at MAHLE.

MAHLE says it is transferring its plastics, thermal management, and power electronics expertise into new integrated solutions. The technology group is thus focusing on the areas where e-mobility still needs know-how, especially in areas including charging speed, range, resource conservation, and price.

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