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AVL DiTEST and MAHA collaborate to provide joint solutions.

AVL DiTEST and MAHA, have announced their cooperation in the field of emission testing technology. MAHA will integrate the emission testing technology from AVL DiTEST into its test lanes and add it to its product portfolio. AVL DiTEST will supply MAHA with the related products and components.

AVL DiTEST, a diagnosis and measurement technology specialist, focusing on measurement technology, air conditioning service, diagnostics and e-mobility, AVL DiTEST has had core expertise in emission testing technology for decades.

MAHA is a specialist provider of vehicle testing with over 50 years of in-depth expertise. The company is the world market leader as a general contractor for test lanes.

“We have the same genes,” summarizes AVL DiTEST Managing Director Gerald Lackner. “This spirit, which I appreciate so much about the AVL DiTEST team, is also what I see at MAHA. We are very proud to be able to provide this extraordinary partner with products and components. We have valued each other for many years. ”

The company says that their cooperation means the ideal addition of two market leaders and brings a significant advantage: Integrating the leading emission testing technology in the leading test lane.

AVL DiTEST provides MAHA with a comprehensive product portfolio for emission testing. The product range includes complete emission stations and individual modules integrated into the MAHA control system for seamless interaction between the test components. As a result, a large part of the previous MAHA emission testing technology will be replaced by AVL DiTEST products. Of course, this cooperation also includes the topic of particle number measurement, which is currently one of the most important issues.

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