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Autonomous Vehicle Performance Engineering added to Siemens Xcelerator Portfolio

Siemens Digital Industries Software announced in mid November 2020, the Simcenter™ SCAPTOR™ software for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) data collection, which further expands the Simcenter™ portfolio for autonomous vehicle performance engineering. Siemens added that Simcenter SCAPTOR combines hardware and software to record, visualize and replay high-fidelity raw data, and greatly speeds the development process.

By linking ADAS development to noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and vehicle dynamics performance, the Simcenter™ portfolio now offers a 360-degree view of performance attributes of autonomous vehicles. This enables a closed-loop development process for autonomous vehicles with a solution that spans the physical and virtual aspects of development, including real-world data collection, 1D and 3D modeling for system development and virtual testing. Simcenter is part of the Xcelerator™ portfolio, Siemens’ integrated portfolio of software, services and application development platform. As autonomous vehicles generate even more data, it is important to bridge the gap between vehicle development and data center technology. The development of safe and reliable autonomous vehicles requires authentic, high-speed, high-fidelity, raw data from multiple sensors. The high-quality nature of this data is essential to train reliable and robust vision and detection algorithms, and to validate and verify the autonomous and advanced driver assistance systems. Simcenter SCAPTOR, developed using proven industry-leading technology from ADAS developer b-plus, helps companies merge test and simulation through the phases of data capture, analysis, exploration, verification and validation and back to data collection. The new capabilities can be used to create a powerful toolchain to record, visualize and replay high-fidelity raw data. It can greatly speed the development process and close the loop of the autonomous development process through real-world ADAS data collection. The solution is flexible, modular, adapts to the requirements of advanced sensor technologies, and is robust for long-term in-vehicle usage.

Siemens Digital Industries Software is driving transformation to enable a digital enterprise where engineering, manufacturing and electronics design meet tomorrow. The Xcelerator portfolio helps companies of all sizes create and leverage digital twins that provide organizations with new insights, opportunities and levels of automation to drive innovation.

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