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Arcimoto and partners Launch Statewide Test of Ultra-Efficient vehicles

Arcimoto, Inc, producers of pure electric vehicles today, announced that it has entered into a joint pilot program with Tennessee Clean Fuels and Drive Electric Tennessee to test the FUV and Deliverator in key cities across the state.

Throughout the 30-day pilot program beginning on August 16, Arcimoto vehicles will be tested by state and local governments in key cities, including Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.

"It's incredibly encouraging that our Tennessee partners want to introduce our ultra-efficient EVs to the state," said Arcimoto Founder and CEO, Mark Frohnmayer. "The Arcimoto platform offers big advantages in terms of daily utility, total cost of ownership, and energy efficiency. It's critical for fleets and individuals alike to use the most efficient tools for the job in order to meet the state's aggressive sustainability goals, and we think we've got just the thing."

Several organizations are already hosting programs to promote transportation electrification in Tennessee, including the Middle-West and East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalitions, known collectively as Tennessee Clean Fuels. These U.S. DOE designated Clean Cities Coalitions offer fleet engagement and technical assistance programs to promote the adoption of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies. Along with these Coalitions is Drive Electric Tennessee, a consortium of Tennessee stakeholders—including State agencies, utilities, local governments, universities, research institutions, electric vehicle manufacturers, businesses, and advocacy groups—who have worked together on the development of a shared vision for electric transportation in the state. The consortium's goal is to increase EV adoption in Tennessee from approximately 13,800 EV in June 2021 to 200,000 vehicles by 2028.

"Improving access to sustainable transportation not only improves public health for Tennesseans but contributes to a strong economy by protecting our natural resources and limiting the reliance on fossil fuels across the state," said Jonathan Overly, Executive Director for the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition and Administrator of Drive Electric Tennessee. "We hope this pilot will serve as a meaningful step in making electric transportation more efficient and accessible, while improving public health, equity, and access."

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