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Altair says One Cloud Platform can Eliminate Boundaries for Engineers, Designers, Data & IT pro's

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Altair, a supplier of solutions in simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence (AI) announced general availability for a host of new features and functionality in Altair One. The company says its fully integrated platform brings together its entire product suite and HPC capabilities to facilitate seamless collaboration and faster time-to-market. Eliminating the boundaries between computer-aided engineering (CAE) and data analytics, Altair One can deliver access to a unified development environment and offers multi-disciplinary teams the on-demand HPC critical to complete complex projects quickly and efficiently.

"Altair One provides a modern, single pane of glass approach to leverage HPC and cloud resources for running computational science applications anywhere and everywhere at scale, which is key to optimising outcomes and achieving faster time-to-value"

said James R. Scapa, founder and chief executive officer, Altair.

"With the launch of Altair One, we are empowering our customers with all the software and tools to seamlessly manage hybrid on-premises and cloud HPC resources to process workloads in the most cost-efficient and fastest way possible."

Altair says that the instant availability of the HPC resources means that designers, engineers, and data scientists can run their complex projects without any need to support in-house HPC infrastructures. Altair One offers the ability to provide turnkey, scalable appliance clusters across all major cloud providers, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Google Cloud Platform, in just a few mouse clicks.

The launch of Altair One establishes a robust roadmap of progressive development in features and functionality. Altair One empowers teams to pivot quickly and embrace new technology while avoiding vendor lock-in by providing organisations with the flexibility to seamlessly migrate workloads between cloud providers and on-premises environments.

Anytime, anywhere access to world-class tools and HPC.

Altair One says its solution is a single portal for Altair's products, accessible anywhere via standard workstations, PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. Users also have access to exclusive Altair One tools, including:

Altair DesignAI™ - Combines physics-based simulation-driven design and machine learning-based AI-driven design to create high-potential designs earlier in development cycles

Altair Material Data Center™ - A multi-domain material properties repository to help create sustainable, efficient, minimum-weight designs

"Altair is a leader in simulation, HPC solutions and workload management. Altair One is a key differentiator because of its ability to provide seamless access to the cloud and delivers unmatched value for Altair's customers," said Nidhi Chappell, GM Workload Optimized Compute, Microsoft.

"The integration of Altair One with Oracle's next-generation cloud infrastructure provides customers the ability to leverage fast and scalable computing in a highly secure environment – including bare-metal HPC servers and GPUs – for complex simulations,"

said Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

"Together, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Altair One put the power of HPC at the fingertips of customers everywhere – without having to purchase expensive hardware, leading to improved productivity and optimised resource utilisation."

Data-driven development with AI- and ML-enabled analytics

Altair One facilitates a truly data-driven approach to product development. Designers, IT specialists, and the C-suite can build deeper insight and reach better decisions faster with Altair's AI and machine learning (ML) enabled data analytics and data management tools. Diverse teams can work on the same models, with ubiquitous access ensuring effortless knowledge sharing and data transfer. The total value of both current and historical simulation and analysis is therefore realised.

Flexible, scalable HPC support

Altair One provides simple HPC access portals for end-users and intuitive management portals for IT administrators. Powered by Altair PBS Works™, Altair One leverages the same workload management technology used by many of the world's Top 500 HPC systems and foremost supercomputing centres. Altair One does not require additional capital expenditures on complex IT and can scale immediately in response to peaks in workload.

Altair Units further enhance flexibility, Altair's patented, a subscription-based licensing model that allows organisations to pay only for what their employees need when they need it.

Additional notable features in Altair One include the ability to:

Launch applications in the cloud instantly with zero download

Run complex HPC solver jobs in the cloud within a simple, intuitive user experience

Provision turnkey, scalable appliance clusters in just a few mouse clicks

Securely upload, access, store, and manage data using the Altair One drive

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