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"50 Years of Research and Development at Weissach", A New exhibition at Porsche Museum.

A special exhibition has opened at the Porsche Museum, offering a fascinating look at half a century of research and development at Weissach – the birthplace of Porsche's sports cars.

Porsche's Weissach Development Centre is well known for cutting-edge technology and passion, engineering skill and innovation. It first opened in 1971 It is home to the sports car manufacturer's design and motorsport departments, various test rigs, and the in-house test track. Now, half a century after operations first began, 50 Years of Porsche Development at Weissach – a special exhibition at the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen – celebrates this fascinating 100-hectare site. "Sports cars for the road and thoroughbred racing cars have been developed in Weissach for half a century. Dreams are designed, created and tested here, in the middle of idyllic countryside," says Achim Stejskal, Head of Porsche Heritage and Museum.

The exhibition looks behind the scenes of the birthplace of all Porsche sports cars and centres around an Augmented Reality feature that allows visitors to digitally experience various topics and look back on the site development over the past five decades.

The company chose Weissach for its top-secret hub in 1960 after racing driver Herbert Linge, who worked for Porsche, spotted an overgrown piece of land in Weissach and Flacht, which appeared to be of no agricultural value.

A ground-breaking ceremony took place a year and a half later, a test track was unveiled in 1962, and nine years later, the Research and Development Centre opened its doors. Designed to celebrate the many different departments at Weissach, the special exhibition is divided into first steps, test rig/wind tunnel, Porsche Engineering, design, motorsport and centre.

The first steps section covers the history of the Development Centre and the ground-breaking ceremony in 1961. Next, visitors pass by selected models, such as a bus from the Weissach works fire brigade from 1972. The test rig area starts with the wind tunnel and a Taycan AR app. It showcases how the team tests and develops everything from innovative new materials to keys to vehicle safety and cold chambers.

The design, Porsche Engineering and motorsport areas reveal fascinating insights, vehicles and innovations before the exhibition concludes with a model of Weissach, which visitors can explore using iPads and AR software. Analogue interactions are also possible throughout, with shelves of exhibits, models and 3D printed items, as well as mechanical flaps which lift to reveal exciting information about the Development Centre.

The special exhibition is now open and will run until the 5th of December 2021, and the Museum's ongoing Porsche 4Kids summer holiday programme means children can also explore the Weissach Development Centre.

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