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100 Tests and counting for first 100% Electric Truck developed in Brazil, the VW e-Delivery

The first 100% electric truck developed and tested in Brazil faces more than 100 tests towards the commercial launch scheduled for this year. Constantly tested at its limits, from extreme temperatures to electromagnetic interference analysis, there are more than 100 different assessments that will correspond to the equivalent of about 400 thousand kilometres to prove the efficiency and reliability of the vehicle in all types of conditions.

"The launch of the electric truck follows the same rigour of all our vehicles to guarantee the necessary safety in operation with the best energy consumption and product reliability. At the same time, we have advanced in all the preparation in the factory infrastructure and training the entire chain involved in the business for the commercial debut with the responsibility that everyone already knows about VW Caminhões e Ônibus ", says Roberto Cortes, president and CEO of the automaker.

Behind all this research and development, there is the largest fleet of electrical prototypes for ongoing tests in Brazil and a team of more than 50 professionals directly involved in its execution, data acquisition, and evaluation results. Over the past two and a half years, VW electric vehicles have run with more than 250 points of instrumentation to monitor the specific performance of each new component.

e-Delivery trucks travel routes throughout the vast city of São Paulo and in the region of the factory in the South of Rio de Janeiro, in actual real traffic conditions. Development work is accelerated with simulations in the proving ground of VWCO's worldwide development centre at Resende (RJ).

VWCO set up an infrastructure of different models of high-power chargers to support validation and testing at an accelerated pace. The vehicles run 24 hours a day in three shifts, seven days a week, to accumulate maximum mileage. In addition to numerous new and specific safety tests for the vehicle's high voltage systems, the VWCO electric undergoes traditional validations, such as durability and performance.

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