Munich 2022
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Covid 19 Prevention

The Government of Bavaria has allowed Expo´s to resume. In the interest of safety, all event organisers are required to provide guidance and rules, for your safety, our safety, and all those behind the scenes involved to make the Testing & Simulation Review Live Event a reality. We are pleased to provide our Hygiene Concept. The aim of the concept is to promote and enforce the need to comply with the necessary security measures that have been put in place to prevent the further spread of COVID 19 and infection prevention. 


This concept must be used by all visitors, exhibitors, and service providers. In addition, understanding and accepting the concept is a condition of participation. At the event you will be asked to accept in writing to adhere to the hygiene concept. Any people who do not comply with the infection control regulations or the conditions of participation in our house rules, you will be asked to vacate the event, and refused further entry. 

Our team including the contracted security services will monitor compliance with the company's infection protection concept on the part of employees, exhibitors, Service providers and visitors and take appropriate measures in the event of violations. 


Notices and hall announcements on hygiene and distance rules as well as information options will be used to keep everyone alert and kept aware.

The full hygiene concept will be made available to all those involved in the production, serivce providers, exhibitors, and registered visitors. 

For your safety

Everyone working on the Testing & Simulation Live event, has been been informed and trained in infection protection (internal infection protection measures) and general hygiene regulations. They will have been provided the most up to date facts about SARS-CoV-2 /
COVID-19, such as identifying early symptoms of a disease, as well as the correct use of mouth and nose covering.

All participants are informed in advance as well as on site by signs in the location of the hygiene and
Infection protection requirements, and they are reminded to adhere to the rules. 


Above all else maintain distance.

Various measures are taken to ensure that the distance rule of 1.5 m between people in all rooms as well as when entering and leaving the rooms and in corridors, corridors, stairs and in the outdoor area are complied and understood. 

This applies to everyone, all trade fair participants, service providers, staff and visitors (with the exception of people for which the general contact restriction does not apply in relation to each other). This includes the redesign of the Ticket sales, the entrance area, the lecture forum, as well as other measures.


Health declaration
It is mandatory for all participants to fill out the registration sheet confirming the following:

You have no acute, unspecific general symptoms, respiratory symptoms of any kind or severity

You have not had any contact with COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days prior 8th of March 2022. 

The team and that of the partners involved, as well as the participants, will without exception have valid public / private health insurance coverage.

Register Online, bring the ticket with you, and use contactless check-in. 


Expo venue

When arrving you will find one visitor counter, and one exhibitor / partner counter. Simply show your ticket and ID and follow the  arrows and be mindful of the distance markings visible on the floor.

The entrance area will the beginning of a strict one way system, use the arrows and always take the oneway system seriously. The aim is to avoid having any trade fair participants cross pathways. The one way system will be designed in areas, throughout the venue. 

Through digitized entry control, person-to-person contact is largely avoided.

When entering the hall, the ticket (visitor) and the ID (exhibitor) are scanned. This will make it easy to keep count of Visitors / exhibitors.
Visitors are directed to the digital check-in desk, where the registration of the visitors takes place (including submission of the health declaration).

At the exit, the tickets of all participants (visitors and exhibitors) are scanned again so that the
the exact number of those present can be determined. This will help monitor the total number of people in the venue.

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Expo Area

In the exhibition area, the aisles will be at least 3.50 meters wide.


Exhibitor stands
The number of stand personnel at the individual stands will be limited.

Exhibitors are offered various products for rent that aim to prevent infections. These include, for example, disinfectant dispensers, signs (keep your distance, sneeze label, etc.),
Acrylic cut-off wheels and much more.

All exhibitors are advised on hygiene and infection protection at the exhibition stands. AUMA recommendations are used as the benchmark.

Exhibitors will be advised about communication of the applicable rules of conduct and compliance  on their exhibition stands.

Visitors be aware of others, always wear your mask correctly, and avoid getting close to people during conversations or when walking around the Expo. 

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Registration, tracking and tracing is vital in the fight against COVID-19 

Exhibitors and their employees are expected to record name all participants prior to the event taking place. Each exhibitor will have their own hygiene concept and co-ordinator, who will provide exact deployment times. A further registration on site is only planned if the registration forms including health insurance are not available.

Visitors: At the registration desk, directly after the ticket inspection, will fill out a form 
with your data (last name, first name, place of residence, telephone number / e-mail address, period of stay) and a
Health declaration. 

All forms will be offered in advance. Time of entry and exit will be recorded. All participants must keep the form at all times, until leaving the venue.

All forms are kept for 4 weeks and then destroyed. Data is collected, the data subjects are subject to the requirements  Art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. 

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